Stop, Breathe, Look and Listen

Yoga Land of Medicine Buddha

Blessings All!

Today as I was working on material for my upcoming Yoga Retreat in the Redwoods I came upon a distinction that I find fascinating. It illustrates how a simple action can shift the course we are on. How a simple action can begin to chip away at unconscious patterns of thought and behavior.

I was planning around the words Stop, Look and Listen and came to see that the more appropriate theme would be Stop, Breathe, Look and Listen. A simple yet profound difference. Here’s what it means to me. Without awareness of the “breath”, I proceed from my normal adrenalized headset and all that goes with that – like the ego-oriented attachments around fear and desire. When I stop and then take the time to breathe, even just one deep breath, I catch a moment. A moment just long enough to connect with something “more” than my typical way of being. It’s almost as if another part of my brain or being wakes up to join the party. It’s awesome! A peaceful presence tempers and helps to design my actions in a way that would have been overshadowed had I not stopped and taken the time to breathe “on purpose”.

As we move through our Yoga Retreat weekend Nov. 1 -3, one of the things we will be doing is practicing Stopping, Breathing, Looking and Listening in a variety of contexts. We will take this opportunity to witness how a very small action can contribute to our overall transformation. We will explore the truly effective Power of Practice. Come join us.