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Julianne and Michelle at LMB 2021

Yoga Retreat 2022

Friday–Sunday, August 26–28
at the Land of Medicine Buddha

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Our yoga book study group is a fun place online to dig into a book mindfully, carefully and completely. It is an environment designed to support peaceful, deep study and heartfelt connection. We meet twice a month and move through our books at a leisurely pace. As a group, we broaden our understanding of the ideas in the books we read and are often inspired to apply our new understandings to our lives. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with unexpected, positive results.

Who Would Enjoy and Benefit from this Group?

  • Anyone interested in growing and learning.
  • Everyone who would enjoy the company of a like-minded community.
  • All those who wonder about the “more” of yoga.
  • Anyone interested in the celebration and transformation of body, mind and spirit.

How Can I Engage?

  • Foster commitment. Attend as often as possible, in a way that is reasonable for you, a way that supports your schedule, a balanced lifestyle and is at your level of comfort.
  • Dive in with both feet.
  • Dip your toe in and test the waters.
  • Choose one, a few or many ways to engage:
    • Read. Write. Listen.
    • Reflect. Share. Introspect.
    • Search. Find. Contemplate.
    • Assimilate. Integrate. Analyze.
    • Question. Celebrate. Connect.
    • Unique, innovative ways you come up with on your own.
Peaceful book

Summer Semester 2022

book cover jewel of abundance

The Jewel of Abundance

Ellen Grace O’Brian

“The aim of artha, prosperity, is to prosper in every way — to develop the consciousness and the skills to attract whatever is needed to fulfill our dharma or higher purpose.”

For more information about Ellen Grace O'Brian, visit her website.

This book study is currently in progress

Upcoming Book

The Tree of Yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar

“When you take care of a tree in its growth, in due time it blossoms into flowers and then gives its natural culmination which is the fruit. Likewise the practice of yoga has to culminate sooner or later in the spiritual fragrance of freedom and beatitude. As the essence of the tree is contained in the fruit, so too the essence of your practice is contained in its fruit of freedom, poise, peace and beatitude.”

book cover tree of yoga

Past Books

book cover seven spiritual laws of yoga
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Deepak Chopra and David Simon

book cover jivamukti yoga
Jivamukti Yoga

Sharon Gannon and David Life

book cover the spirit and practice of moving into stillness
Yoga: The Spirit and Practice
of Moving into Stillness

Erich Schiffmann

Embrace the unknown. Arrive at curiosity.

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