One Day Yoga Retreat
Exploring the Temple of Spirit
Bridge from the Body to the Soul

Yoga Retreat Day Saturday, October 21, 2023, 10 - 4pm -  with Julianne Rice and Divya Zuccaro at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment  in San Jose.

Enjoy a day that is designed to serve as a bridge from the body to the soul. Spaces filling fast. Click here for details and to register now.


This retreat day will be a time to slow down long enough and dive deeply enough to access that felt-sense of being vibrantly alive and focused. With instruction, practice, reflection and connection, we will appreciate the body/mind as an instrument of peace.

As we discover and uncover ways to access our wisdom and truth we will enjoy 2 yoga sessions (one active, one more restorative), community check in times, free time outdoors in the silence, a delicious vegetarian lunch and a special teaching wrapped around the creating of a delicious vegan appetizer.


Bring the yoga props you usually use. There will be plenty extras, if you need. We will meet a little before 10am in the Yoga Room. Follow signs for Yoga Room.


         - Retreats often fill to capacity. Early registration encouraged

Save the Date 
Long Weekend Retreat at Land of the Medicine Buddha
August 8 - 11, 2024

Past Retreats

 A Yoga Retreat in the Redwoods
at the Land of Medicine Buddha
Friday, August 11 - Sunday, August 13, 2023

(early registration helpful in guaranteeing room choice)

with Julianne Rice
and friends
Cathy Hutton
Denise Wendler
Divya Zuccaro


  • Daily Yoga for Every Body
  • Yoga Workshop - Make Friends with Your Hips
  • Yoga Workshop - Cultivate a Healthy and Open Heart
  • Hiking in the Redwoods 

  • Great Company and Free Time

  • Contemplation and Meditation
  • Meditative Walk by the Creek 

  • Guided Deep Relaxation

  • Sound Immersion in the Meadow under the Stars 
  • Swimming and Sauna

  • Time Alone and Time Together

  • Cozy Quarters and Delicious Food


Personal Note from Julianne  

I know the vision where we all can live in peace (within ourselves and in our world) may sound like a pipe dream. I know things are pretty tough right now in so many ways. Yet, what better way to support ourselves and those we love than by shoring up our own resources. Investing in the charcter building blocks of strength, hope and love. Come away with us. Experience what it feels like to fortify yourself with what really matters. 


Bring a friend

Many have mentioned that coming with a friend provides an extra special element. By spreading the word among your friends, you may find that there is someone interested that you would have never guessed would be. Renew an old friendship, spark a new one - you never know. A retreat space like this can be magical - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.



The Land of Medicine Buddha (LMB) in Soquel, California, not far from Silicon Valley, has been a destination for refuge, retreat and renewal, for many decades. It is beloved by those, including myself, who live and love to be inspired by nature, beauty and a wellspring of spiritual resources. LMB, is a home for many seekers (some who live there, most who are blessed to visit there) and has its roots in Tibetan Buddhism.

Click here for more info about LMB

Fun short slide show here


Sample Schedule  (subject to change) 

All activities optional.



4pm – Arrival, Stretch, Overview

6pm - Dinner

7:30 – Sound Immersion in the Meadow Under the Stars - Kalden Kho



7am - Stretch and Meditate - Julianne with Cathy

8am - Breakfast

9:30 - Yoga Workshop - Make Friends with Your Hips - Denise Wendler & Julianne

12:30 - Lunch

1:30 - Hiking (optional) 

    • 1 mile (8 verse trail) walk w/guide and follow up related teaching in the Pine Room
    • 6 mile loop hike w/guide

  Free Time -
independent hiking, swimming, sauna, resting etc


5pm – Gentle Yoga with Long Savasana - Julianne 

6pm - Dinner

7pm  – Meditative Walk at the Creek - Divya and Julianne

8:15pm - Guided Relaxation - Julianne



7am - Stretch and Meditate - Julianne with Cathy 

8am - Breakfast 

9am - Mindfulness Practices in the Enchanted Forest - Julianne

10:30am  – Yoga Workshop - Cultivate a Healthy, Open Heart  - Julianne

12:30 - Lunch

After Lunch - End of Retreat



(Early registration helpful in guaranteeing room choice)

The accommodations are convenient, comfortable and very clean. 

    • Shared rooms with one other person (or more than one person) included in Retreat cost. Let Julianne know if you would prefer to room with just one person or are open to room with 2 or 3 people. She will reserve your room accordingly. Early registration helpful to get first choice.
    • Private rooms for this retreat are also available for an additional $75 per night.



The food is flavorful, healthy, vegetarian and bountiful. Special needs can be accommodated. There is a refrigerator and a microwave for guest use. Tea and a comfy couch and chairs available in dining room 24/7.



Sponsor $725: for those with sufficient resources and a desire to support attendance for others 

Standard $625: for those with sufficient resources to attend at a fair price

Supported $525: for those who would like to attend yet find it difficult to do so for financial reasons. Scholarships are provided by the generosity of our fellow retreat participants who donate at the Sponsor Level. Contact me at for more info.


              SPONSOR Level

             STANDARD Level


for those who would like to attend yet find it difficult to do so for financial reasons. Contact



If you have the need to pay in installments, contact me at

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. We can, however, credit you toward a future retreat. There is an exception - if you find another person to take your place or a person from the waiting list can take your place your full money can be refunded minus a $25 admin fee.


Alternative Payment Methods

Send appropriate dollar amount as stated above 

Venmo: @Julianne-Rice • Zelle: Bank of the West

Personal checks also accepted

( for mailing address) 


There will be a waiting list, as the retreat fills to capacity. 


After registering you will receive a confirmation email and then a  welcome letter with details in late July.

Custom Retreats

Have you ever thought, known or felt that  “All is well” yet, deep down, felt like maybe there was something missing you couldn’t put your finger on? Have you ever thought that a little “special” time away with yourself, or with a special someone or someones, might help with that? Might that bring back a sense of connection to yourself, to another,  to your God? Might be the personal and/or professional reset that you’ve been needing?


I now offer Custom Retreats in the Santa Cruz mountains. I can design one for you (or you can design it together with me) to suit your needs, interests, personality, stage of life and more. If you are unsure what this could be like, be sure to read the testimonial below.


Here is a short list of the types of experiences possible. Retreats for:

  • Individuals — career re-evaluation, retirement/semi-retirement next steps, emphasis on personal/professional transitions or personal deep dives
  • Couples — a unique anniversary gift, bring back a sense of connection, have fun in nature, enjoy the basics and each other
  • Families and/or friends — celebrations, reunions, any excuse to play and be together
  • Special events — birthdays, retirements, transitions
  • Your company or organization — team building, strategy sessions, celebrations
half lotus in the trees
savasana on tree

What would a custom retreat be like?

Imagine a couple of cabins in the Santa Cruz mountains nestled in the redwoods, one for each of us. With your input, I have created a schedule for the days we are together, based on goals and intentions that we mutually agreed upon beforehand.


Activities could include: (remember, everything is optional)

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Guided meditations and course materials appropriate to individual goals and intentions
  • Labyrinth walks
  • Star-gazing and moon bathing
  • Nature hikes
  • InterPlay
  • Mindful meal prep/eating and shared meals (or catered meals)
  • Storytelling
  • Memoir writing, personal reading and writing, and/or journaling
  • Vision boarding
  • Crystal bowl sound healing
  • Dancing, singing, playing favorite instruments
  • Hobbies of your choosing

This is a gift of experience to yourself and/or to another/others. An experience that will be tailored just for you. You will have the resources, presence and accountability of an experienced teacher and guide to remind you to enjoy the moment, and to support you to move, with laser focus, toward the next steps of what you really want.

Contact me for more information. Imagine. Consider sharing this experience with another and/or offering it to them as a gift. The gift of “experience” is unique and can touch the heart deeply.

Testimonial of a Redwood Solo Retreat with Julianne

I am so grateful for my personalized retreat with Julianne, timed perfectly just as spring unfolded! Based on my desire to gain a clearer vision of my transition from an intense full-time career to the next fulfilling phase, Julianne designed a custom workshop retreat to make headway on my goal. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and attention to detail not only in how to use a variety of different modalities, but also on healthy eating, resting, sleeping, keeping costs reasonable and transitions between spaces during our time together.


Julianne is a deeply experienced teacher and guide, with plans that are flexible to go with the flow of our energy and breakthrough moments. I also really appreciated her keeping me focused on my stated intentions when distracting stories came up, pausing to offer her noticing and perspectives in the moment, and uncovering and honing insights. The modalities Julianne incorporated for me personally included nature walks, InterPlay, noticing, meditation, yoga for two, labyrinth walking, animal cards, dance, mindful eating, prayer, master lessons and resource recommendations… all served up with abundant laughter and hugs, and the occasional releasing of tears. Julianne exudes confidence, and also shares her own insights from our time together — she is the epitome of a lifelong learner. We wrapped up by creating a transition plan back to the “real world” and a daily self-care plan. It sounds jam-packed, but it felt intentional and easeful throughout our two day retreat!

Past Yoga Retreats

Exploring the Temple of Spirit
A One Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Julianne Rice
October 22, 2022 • Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

This retreat day was a time to slow down long enough and dive deeply enough within to find a felt-sense of being alive. With instruction and practice, reflection and connection, we were aware of the body/mind as an instrument of peace, as a friend. With a welcoming of all body types, we enjoyed the awareness of being fully embodied and peaceful in the present moment. Grace moves through Spirit and the body/mind in ways that sometime go unnoticed.

Yoga Retreat 2022
August 26 – August 28 • Land of Medicine Buddha

Julianne Rice with Calvin Darling and Cathy Hutton

  • Daily Yoga for Every Body

  • Guided Hikes in the Redwoods (choice of gentle or moderately strenuous)

  • Great Company and Free Time

  • Contemplation and Meditation 

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Discussion

  • Music under the Stars (John Grassadonia – guitar & vocals, Stu Wilson – violin)
  • Swimming and Sauna

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Time Alone and Time Together

  • Cozy Quarters and Delicious Food

LMB Retreat Center

The Land of Medicine Buddha (LMB), is a Tibetan Buddhist community nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is just about an hour’s drive from Silicon Valley. It has been and is an oasis of refuge, retreat, and renewal for spiritual seekers, nature lovers, and the global community.
Learn more about LMB here

Retreat into the Heart
Sunday, March 13, 2022 • Quaker Center, Ben Lomond

Calvin Darling, Cathy Hutton and I led this journey into the heart of nature, spending time on our yoga mats and enjoying the company of friends. It was an opportunity to look into your heart, revisit your heart’s desires, and take care of the “you” underneath all the busy-ness. The “you” that needs special time away from it all, in a space allowing you to unwind and reset. This small, 12-person event provided an intimate setting that facilitated deeper connections. 


Retreat into the Heart – we carried this theme throughout our day and onto our mats. Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to care for the heart. The breathing practices, especially ujjayi (victorious breath) and alternate nostril breaths strengthen the heart/mind connection and as a result help to balance and steady the activity of the heart. Standing poses help to strengthen the heart. And, the heart opening exercises help to relieve tension, improve circulation and lift our mood – relieving stress and settling the heart, literally and metaphorically.

In the redwoods

“When it comes to matters of the heart, all aspects of Yoga in one way or another serve to embrace, warm, nourish and settle the heart.”

Connect and Thrive 2021
September 29 – Oct 3, 2021 • Quaker Center, Ben Lomond
Led by Julianne Rice (with Calvin Darling and Cathy Hutton)

Julianne hiking

“My body is a magnificent vehicle that connects me to my wholeness. A wholeness of Spirit where body, mind, and breath work together as one unit.”

For those who are dedicated (or are yearning to be more dedicated) to their practice and love working deeply, this 5-day retreat at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond was perfect. Tucked away, snuggled in the arms of mother nature, we enjoyed our time dwelling together, hanging out, addressing personal challenges, getting questions answered “in person,” and taking the time to reflect/release/recreate in an atmosphere inviting breakthroughs to new ways of seeing and being.


We were blessed to have our whole foods plant-based meals prepared by Beth Love, founder of Eat for the Earth. We did yoga and learned more about its essence. We looked at the importance and meaning of satsang (community), sadhana (practice) and seva (service) as well as mining for the meaning of “less is more.” We hiked, had free time, connected deeply to ourselves and to each other. We spent time alone, some time in silence, and enjoyed some very special evening programs.


Rooms in redwood log cabins are lovely and comfortable, and there was an option for camping as well. The location is breathtaking and is easy to get to from Silicon Valley.

Group Retreat Testimonials

I really have enjoyed Julianne’s yoga retreats. She is a very good teacher and the retreats are always a lot of fun. Yoga, hiking, good company, and great food, too. I’m looking forward to her next retreat.

Rich Hubbard

I strongly recommend going on retreat with Julianne. Her kind and generous teaching is a great gift to give yourself. On retreat with her, I got to be very quiet, slowed down, and reconnected with nature.

Stephanie Antoine

My retreat with Julianne at the Land of Medicine Buddha was the first yoga retreat I ever attended. I was nervous at first. I had taken classes with Julianne for a long time, but I expected that there would be a qualitative difference between attending a single class, and an entire weekend. I was right in thinking that there is a qualitative difference. I was wrong in what that qualitative difference was. I had imagined that I’d be doing yoga for 14 hours a day, and emerge from the weekend exhausted and brutally sore. Not so. I finished that weekend, thanks to Julianne and the other attendees, an energized and transformed person.


A weekend retreat with Julianne is a true gift of joy, life and learning – from the moment you drive up, there is a sense of peace. I so enjoyed deepening my yoga practice on a physical level and a spiritual level. There were so many wonderful treats in the weekend from new poses to experiencing a concert in the meadow, a meditative walk along the trails and the sound of laughter ringing in the hills. Thank you, Julianne – I am looking forward to your next adventure!

Cheryll Getsinger

Because an overall perception I gained was that the sensation of effervescent grace and beauty was ever there to be experienced, I asked myself “Would I ever be attentive enough to see it?” The beginning of that seeing came at my retreat with Julianne, through the stillness of that sacred space. It came in the shimmering of wind chimes in the trees, with little else but the soft landing of dust motes to punctuate a silent meditative hike. It was ushered in with the calm after-dinner walks back to my room accompanied by the sound of monks chanting in the temple and the relieving, positive, absence of electronic devices ringing and beeping.

Michelle Sandell

My retreat was the best. I enjoyed the people and the forest. The schedule felt balanced and just right. I loved walking outdoors, laughing with others and learning new things about the way to practice yoga. I especially enjoyed how I was gently guided to make the practicing of my asanas more pleasurable and ultimately more transformative overall. I can’t wait to go again.

March 2022 retreat participant

Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are.

~ Erich Schiffmann

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