Flow for Strength Yoga

A Flow for Strength yoga class is a full body workout that moves gracefully without rushing and leaves you mentally clear and physically rejuvenated. It includes sun salute variations, balance poses, exercises that strengthen the upper body and core and deep cool down floor stretches. Designed to physically engage and stretch the whole body and improve the ability to focus. This class is for all levels and can be approached in a gentle, moderate or intense way. Modifications are offered. Skillful step by step instructions and a spirit of lightness make this class enjoyable and enriching. Class sequences remain similar from class to class allowing the student to know what to expect and dig deeper into postures and approaches they are familiar with. Gradually new postures, variations and actions are introduced – providing the challenges necessary to keep the spirit and mind bright and the body growing and developing. 

Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?
Hatha Yoga is the “umbrella” term for all physical forms of yoga. It refers to the discipline that addresses overall physical health – a discipline which can ultimately lead to greater mental and spiritual awareness and assists a student in preparation for meditation. In the U.S especially, Hatha Yoga has mistakenly become a default term for a yoga class that does not fall within one of the many other specific modern yoga schools/styles.