An Endless Circle of Love

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Furry Friends are the Best
I thought I was going to come to you this weekend with words of wisdom … not so sure. I’m distracted. My canine buddy, Rosie, passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday. I notice myself sighing throughout the day trying to adjust to this missing piece. I know so many of you can relate. Unconditional love. The best. And so tricky to adapt to when conditions change.This photo with the two of us was taken right after I got out of the hospital in the late summer of 2012. She helped nurse me back to health. Her acceptance, her ability to adapt, her unconditional love – were contagious. I remember being so grateful that I just had to follow her lead and relax into the present moment with her. This past week, as I was nursing her through her last days I realized that I was being with her the way she had been with me.Sometimes life seems like an endless circle. In this instance, a circle of love.Appreciation
Those of you who are currently coming to yoga classes at YIY, it’s been so wonderful to work with you this past year. Thank you for your attention. Your commitment is inspiring. Those of you who I haven’t seen in awhile I send you my heartfelt blessings and hope all is well in your world.
YIY Schedule Changes this Week
I am subbing Sun.,
May 11, 10:30-12nLynn-Marie Murphy will sub for me this Tues. and Thurs. 5:30 – 7pm
Around Christmas time this past year I had  made a plan to go on retreat this May. I changed my plan because Rosie was sick. I had no idea that she would pass as quickly as she did. The retreat is this coming week from Tuesday through Sunday. I have re-registered and will be heading to the retreat on Tuesday to rest and re-center a bit. Sorry for the late notice. I am, however, thrilled that you will have a chance to experience Lynn-Marie. Her heart, skill and dedication to yoga are reflected in her teaching. Do come and enjoy her classes, if you can.