Pay Attention to Detail

Sitting here in a cafe feeling appreciation for the simple things. Thinking about and feeling into what it means to pay attention. To pay attention to detail. Attention to the heart of the matter. Attention to what matters to our most human of beings. I just arrived back from a conference in San Francisco. It […]

The Lost Arts of Stillness and Silence

As I was reading this announcement below, I heard on the radio the popular old tune – Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. I had to laugh. I was reading about the Art of Stillness while hearing about the Sounds of Silence. Sound familiar? Those desirable qualities nowadays that are brought forth through our yoga […]


Is it really true that when we lie down, let go and look up – magic might happen? When I was a teenager I had an experience related to this inquiry that informs me to this day. Tough times for me at the age of 13. I would often go to my room and put […]

An Endless Circle of Love

View Julianne Rice’s profile   Furry Friends are the Best I thought I was going to come to you this weekend with words of wisdom … not so sure. I’m distracted. My canine buddy, Rosie, passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday. I notice myself sighing throughout the day trying to adjust to this missing […]

The Power of Practice

Kozelka, DiBiase, and Strawsburg are keenly aware that a team approach is the most effective way to solve complicated neurological cases. The ability to combine the experience and expertise of physicians, neuroradiologists, and neuropsychologists enables the team to best interpret test data, diagnose a disorder or disease, and recommend course of treatment. As renowned medical […]

Stop, Breathe, Look and Listen

Blessings All! Today as I was working on material for my upcoming Yoga Retreat in the Redwoods I came upon a distinction that I find fascinating. It illustrates how a simple action can shift the course we are on. How a simple action can begin to chip away at unconscious patterns of thought and behavior. […]

Space Available – Yoga Retreat Nov. 1 – 3

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Ready to Play, Ready to Practice Levitra and AlcoholA noisy feast or a romantic date is usually accompanied by the reception of hot drinks, and then the question may arise whether it is possible to take Levitra with alcohol? Ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages and active substance Levitra-vardenafil will compete for the rate of cleavage in the liver. Therefore, Levitra […]

Sweet Songs of Spring

Hello to everyone near and far. I’d love to share with you an insight that came unexpectedly to me this week. My insight came to me through music. I’ve always loved music and dancing and learn a lot from them. Enjoying some amazing songs recently I noticed that sometimes my life reflects the lyrics and […]