Got Rest?

Hoping that you are all moving through these initial days of our New Year 2021 with some grace and ease as well perhaps a bit of unrest and dismay. I found this following short article to hit the nail on the head addressing an issue that I believe many of us (including myself at times) […] Read More

Reach Out. Hold On. Let Go.

It is Wednesday and I am looking forward to meeting some of you online for a 7:30pm class this evening. Flow for Strength and Meditation. This is such a great opportunity to get a full body workout, breathe consciously, aline your spine and meditate. Our practice is 7:30 – 9pm. You can get my direct […] Read More

Pay Attention to Detail

Sitting here in a cafe feeling appreciation for the simple things. Thinking about and feeling into what it means to pay attention. To pay attention to detail. Attention to the heart of the matter. Attention to what matters to our most human of beings. I just arrived back from a conference in San Francisco. It […] Read More

Ocean Yoga Retreat

Inside Out: A retreat to explore your yoga practice more deeply Join me for a special time set aside for yoga practice, self reflection and fun! Luxuriate for a few days – get away from your regular schedule and responsibilities. Set atop a small cliff at the Pacific Ocean (in Santa Cruz, Ca) the Villa Maria […] Read More

An Endless Circle of Love

View Julianne Rice’s profile   Furry Friends are the Best I thought I was going to come to you this weekend with words of wisdom … not so sure. I’m distracted. My canine buddy, Rosie, passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday. I notice myself sighing throughout the day trying to adjust to this missing […] Read More

The Power of Practice

Practice makes progress. Practice can be a way of life. Practice loving. Practice eating well. Practice your favorite art or hobby. Practice whatever you practice that allows you time to be present with yourself repeatedly. Let the power of practice enrich you. It’s the practice itself that can be the medicine for what ails us. Improvement occurs […] Read More

Stop, Breathe, Look and Listen

Blessings All! Today as I was working on material for my upcoming Yoga Retreat in the Redwoods I came upon a distinction that I find fascinating. It illustrates how a simple action can shift the course we are on. How a simple action can begin to chip away at unconscious patterns of thought and behavior. […] Read More

Mountain Yoga Retreat

Hatha Flow Yoga Retreat November 1 – 3, 2013 (Fri. 4pm through Sun. 2pm) with Julianne Rice at Land of Medicine Buddha Register now below! Come join us! Don’t miss it. I am feeling peaceful remembering my intention for this special time away. My intention is to set up a weekend that will provide us […] Read More