August 11 – 13, 2023

Weekend Yoga Retreat

Land of Medicine Buddha

(early registration helpful in guaranteeing room choice)

  • Daily Yoga for Every Body

  • Guided Hikes in the Redwoods 

  • Great Company and Free Time

  • Contemplation and Meditation 

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Discussion

  • Sound Immersion under the Stars 
  • Swimming and Sauna

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Time Alone and Time Together

  • Cozy Quarters and Delicious Food
  • more TBA

Sat., July 8, 2023 • 8:30am – 9:45am

New Online Yoga Class with Cathy Hutton

Meditation in Motion

A 75-minute class (2nd Saturdays) incorporating fundamentals of pranayama (yogic practice of focusing on breath) and gentle asana sequences to deepen your connection of mind and body.  Reset, rebalance, and reinvigorate your body and vayus (vital energies) through purposeful breath and intentionally refined movement. Each class will be concluded with a mindful meditation session. 

July 8 - TBA

June 10 - Meditation in Motion – Release

This month's Second Saturday Meditation in Motion will focus on release.  Aparigraha - one of the observances of yogic practice - helps us focus our capacity to let go of grasping and clinging to material things as well as to the need to control situations, ourselves, and others.  What are you ready to release?  Perhaps something which no longer serves you?  


I invite you to join in practice to release through meditative movement.  Our practice will include pranayama breath work focused on release, asana flow to open hips and hearts to help facilitate release, and a guided meditation to close.


Click here below


Meeting ID: 425 109 1219    Passcode: PranaAsana


If you feel moved to contribute a donation after experiencing this class, please send by Venmo to @Cathy-Hutton-1. Know that she will appreciate your generosity! 

Past Retreat

Exploring the Temple of Spirit

Saturday, May 20, 2023

10am - 4pm
Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose

This retreat day will be a time to slow down long enough and dive deeply enough within to find a felt-sense of being alive. With instruction and practice, reflection and connection, we will become aware of the body/mind as an instrument of peace, as a friend. With a welcoming of all body types, we will enjoy the awareness of being fully embodied and peaceful in the present moment. Grace moves through Spirit and the body/mind in ways that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Enjoy a day reminiscent of our day in October 2022 with a few new additions. Introducing 3 hand mudras, their meanings and benefits as well as an exercise reminding us of the wholeness that is at the root of all individuality. Spaces filling fast. Click here for details and to register now.

     Retreats often fill to capacity. Early registration encouraged.

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