Sweet Songs of Spring

Spring Yoga

Hello to everyone near and far. I’d love to share with you an insight that came unexpectedly to me this week.
My insight came to me through music. I’ve always loved music and dancing and learn a lot from them. Enjoying some amazing songs recently I noticed that sometimes my life reflects the lyrics and feelings of my favorite songs and sometimes it doesn’t. Have you ever noticed that? Right now my favorite song is One Voice by The Wailin’ Jennys. What’s your favorite song today? I take pause every time the song One Voice starts – it has a way of stopping me in my tracks. It catches my heart as well as my ears.

In my class “Singing as Spiritual Practice” this week, our teacher Kath Robinson gave us an assignment that touched me deeply and has had me reflecting on it’s impact ever since. Paraphrased a little bit, she said “first time sing this song and express yourself fully, second time sing this same song and listen fully and third time sing this same song and sing it in a way that feels really, really good to you.” So for the third repetition I ended up blending just the right amount of expressing and listening to find that sweet spot where my heart and voice met as if for the first time. It felt really loving. I was beside myself. I immediately wanted to figure out how to apply this magical process to the rest of my life. I remember so vividly another time I felt this same pull to apply what I had experienced to my whole life – it was when I took my first yoga class in college. What a trip down memory lane. Thank you, Kath. Thank you, all. Self expression and listening. – listening to our own heart song and the songs of others, expressing ourselves in ways that only we can. I hope to share time, energy and/or space with you this year. Contact me. Really. I would love to hear from you.
Namaste, Julianne