Mountain Yoga Retreat

Hatha Flow Yoga Retreat

November 1 – 3, 2013 (Fri. 4pm through Sun. 2pm)
with Julianne Rice
at Land of Medicine Buddha
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Mystery and Majesty
Mystery and Majesty

Come join us! Don’t miss it. I am feeling peaceful remembering my intention for this special time away. My intention is to set up a weekend that will provide us with a chance to:

  • settle down and really rest
  • dive into our hearts
  • explore nature in all her majesty
  • luxuriate in our yoga practice
  • eat good food and have fun!

Check out the details here including our weekend schedule (subject to minor changes). Hope to see you at the Retreat or in class soon!

Land of Medicine Buddha location photos

Cost: (includes room and board and tuition for all sessions)
2 people per room: $450 per person
3 or more people per room: $400 per person

Land of Medicine Buddha is magical! Join us for a weekend of relaxation, yoga, walking, hiking, sauna, massages, writing (optional), great food and fun! Massage sessions available during the weekend, upon request beforehand. Contact Julianne at

View beautiful images of Land of Medicine Buddha

Yoga in the Meadow

Food is vegetarian, mostly organic. All types of special needs accommodated – email with special requests

Rooms are lovely and comfortable with their own private baths. Rooms are doubles, triples, quadruples or dormitory. They are the same price and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Pay in full early for first choice.

The location is easy to get to from Silicon Valley, the setting is breathtaking and the schedule is designed to provide a comfortable structure with built in flexibility.

Is this retreat for you?

  • Could you use some time away?

    Should I or shouldn’t I register?
  • Do you yearn to learn more about yoga?
  • Have you missed spending quality time in nature?
  • Do you love yoga, walking and hiking?
  • Would you like some time to focus on your internal wisdom?
  • Do you long for a time and space to just relax and let go?
  • Have you been hoping for a new outlook on things?
  • Do you want to let go and have fun?
  • Would you like to meet some new like-minded people?

Remember that all portions of the retreat are optional.

Sample Schedule – subject to change
(All sessions are optional. Massages on request)

Creekside Trail

4pm         Registration
4:30pm    Check in, Gentle Stretch and Savasana
6pm          Dinner
7pm          Gentle Stretch
7:30pm    Lecture and Practice: Keys to Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Yoga (Pranayama and Meditation Practice with Special Guest Swami Divyananda from the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco)

7am                     Morning Sadhana
8am                     Breakfast and Walk
9:30am               Check In
10:30am             Core Flow Yoga/Pranayama and Meditation
12:30pm             Lunch
1:30pm               Walk to Enchanted Forest, Yoga in the Enchanted Forest, Hike
3:15 – 5:15pm    Free time  (sauna, massage, read, rest, etc)
4pm                    Writing Practice with Special Guest, BeaLisa Sydlik
5:15pm               Check in and Savasana
6pm                    Dinner
7pm                    Check in
7:30pm              Special Program featuring the Santa Cruz InterPlayers

7am           Morning Sadhana
8am           Breakfast and pack up car
9am           Meet in Pine Room/Creekside Walk
10am         Check in, Core Flow Yoga/Pranayama and Meditation
12n             Closing
12:30pm   Lunch
: The weekend is designed to get you home early enough on Sunday so you still have time to prep for the week ahead.

Hope to see you there!


Retreat Testimonials

“I really enjoy Julianne’s yoga retreats. She is such a good teacher and the retreats are always a lot of fun. Yoga, hiking, good company, and great food, too. I’m looking forward to her next retreat” ~ Rich Hubbard

“A weekend retreat with Julianne is a true gift of joy, life and learning – from the moment you drive up to the Land of the Medicine Buddha there is a sense of peace – I so enjoyed deepening my yoga practice on a physical and spiritual level. There were so many wonderful treats in the weekend from new poses to experiencing a concert in the meadow, a meditative walk along the trails and the sound of laughter ringing in the hills. Thank you Julianne – I am looking forward to your next adventure” ~Cheryll Getsinger

“I strongly recommend going on retreat with Julianne, her kind and generous teaching is a great gift to give yourself. On retreat with her I got to be very quiet and slow down and reconnect with nature. Thank you Julianne!!” ~ Stephanie Antoine

On a path...
On a path…

“My retreat with Julianne at the Land of Medicine Buddha was the first yoga retreat I ever attended. I was nervous at first. I had taken classes with Julianne for a long time, but I expected that there would be a qualitative difference between attending a single class, and an entire weekend. I was right in thinking that there is a qualitative difference. I was wrong in what that qualitative difference was. I had imaged I’d be doing yoga for 14 hours a day, and emerge from the weekend exhausted and brutally sore. I finished that weekend, thanks to Julianne and the other attendees, an energized and transformed person.

I was introduced to seeing how a daily meditative practice can lighten and invigorate ordinary lived experience. Julianne’s gentle sessions and the environment at Land of Medicine generated a remarkable appetite and sense of peace. The dining experiences at Land of Medicine – either in chosen solitude or mindful camaraderie – are absolutely excellent; their food rocks. I was surprised by an increased appetite in a basic, visceral sense. But also I gained an appetite for learning more about yoga generally.

Because an overall perception I gained was that the sensation of effervescent grace and beauty was ever there to be experienced, would I but be attentive enough to see it. And the beginning of that seeing came at that retreat with Julianne, through the stillness of that sacred space. In the shimmering of wind chimes in the trees, with little else but the soft landing of dust motes to punctuate a silent meditative hike. It was ushered in with the calm after-dinner walks back to my room accompanied by the sound of monks chanting in the temple. There is a thankful, positive, absence of electronic devices ringing and beeping. I shared a room with 2 other women, and slept like a baby.” ~ Michelle Sandell