One on One Sessions

The gift of one on one yoga sessions. Who would have known? The gift that keeps on giving.

Traditionally, the gift of yoga has been shared from individual teacher to individual student. With the rapt attention of each on the attention and intention of the other. An experience of caring. An opportunity for growing.

Each session, a meeting.  A moment leading into others…at once predictable, next a flash of insight. Not like any insight, this one special. Sometimes, one that leaves your jaw dropping and your heart skipping a beat. A special kind of beat. You know, like the tinkling of a tambourine…

A muscle here, a breath there, a gaze of depth and curiousity. That opening that only the mentor could see as the crown jewel that it is. Touching beyond what meets the ordinary eye. Deftly brushing up against the heart and soul of what really matters. Oh my – a gift. Moving through ordinary time, tasting the preciousness of rarefied moments, slowly but surely returning, never quite the same.

Teacher?  Student?  Insight?  Opening?  Ordinary? Sometimes very clearly distinguished, sometimes blending together.

The trust, the commitment, the time, energy and resources all combining together. A type of alchemical process. Creating and re-creating over and over again a fertile soil for transformation – sometimes at the speed of light.

Who would have known?

Deep, deep bows, to that which does.

I am finding that teaching one on one sessions is deeply rewarding. I know for sure that it is for me, I believe it is for those I teach as well. The undivided attention, the unhurried pace, the promise of challenge and acceptance, and the presence of kindness.

Working to improve posture, delving below the surface to explore the cause of imbalances, breathing conscious breaths, tending the mind, visualizing, affirming, resting deeply and meditating. A session of one and a half hours includes many things.

A student makes themselves available for such teaching for a variety of reasons. There can be different reasons yet  there are a few that are quite similar, in fact often the same. When efforts to improve the quality of their life and their physical and mental health begin to not work that well anymore they appear with a very open and willing presence. Very teachable, curious enough to let go and experiment with that which for whatever reason they believe holds a promise for them.

Months into the process, transformation is already visible. Skin glowing, breath breathing easier, muscles relaxing, patience present, smiles surfacing, confidence building. It is such a great gift to be a witness of this. My efforts to help bring a person into the presence of his or her own spiritual strength pays big dividends. I sigh a big sigh of relief and appreciation.


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