Julianne Rice

Julianne Rice’s dedication to the health and well being of all people expresses itself most fully in her teaching of a Hatha Yoga style called Flow for Strength. She is now in her third decade of teaching yoga in the Bay Area. She was the manager and senior yoga instructor for the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, CA from 1984-2011.

Julianne currently teaches weekly group yoga classes at Yoga is Youthfulness in Mountain View and one on one Yoga Therapy sessions in the Bay area and in Santa Cruz County. She also teaches weekly InterPlay classes at Stusic Studio in Aptos.

Julianne portrait

Julianne teaches a style of Hatha Yoga (Flow for Strength Yoga) that incorporates elements of Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Her experience as a professional dancer also informs her teaching style. She has served on the faculty of the Yoga Educational Seminars Yoga Teacher training program, founded and directed by Joyce Anue.

Julianne was introduced to the philosophy and lifestyle practices of Yoga (in 1983) through the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. These teachings are referred to as Kriya Yoga. Shortly thereafter, she was initiated into the tradition of Kriya Yoga and began studying Hatha Yoga in depth.

Hatha Yoga is yoked closely to Kriya Yoga. Hatha is known traditionally to be one of the best methods to clear the mind and balance the energy channels in preparation for meditation. The physical focus of the Hatha Yoga practices richly support the mental, spiritual focus of the Kriya Yoga meditation and lifestyle practices. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice as well as her personal commitment to her own spiritual, physical and creative growth have contributed to her long-standing reputation as a kind, knowledgeable and trusted instructor.

Building upon her knowledge, she aspires to continue to bring alive the wisdom of the Eight Limbs of Yoga through Hatha Yoga classes. Her classes challenge and nourish the body and the mind simultaneously and inspire the opening of the heart. Eager to maintain her enthusiasm, she continues to study yoga and dance, teach workshops, facilitate individual sessions. She has also led multiple yoga retreats in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the Land of Medicine Buddha and at the Sequoia Retreat Center in Ben Lomond.

In addition to the credits listed, Julianne, has taught at the Oracle Corporation, SRI International, Stanford University, the Harker School, Willow Glen Yoga, the Services for the Brain Injured, Los Gatos Park and Recreation, Corporate Power Camp Retreats, Judy Stakee Song Writing Retreats, American Musical Theater, New Families, many local gyms, small companies and schools. Julianne is committed to being present to the possibility of love, healing and creativity. These beliefs inform her work on all levels. It is what she most hopes to share with her students.

Julianne has produced a CD entitled Gentle Yoga for Every Body. This CD  is a one hour spoken class with a poster of the poses included to purchase CD online or download from iTunes or Amazon.